SS-EN-3844-3 Aerospace series - Flammability of non metallic materials - Part 3: Small burner test, 45° - Determination of the resistance of material to flame and glow propagation and to flame penetration

SS-EN-3844-3 - 2011 EDITION - CURRENT

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This European Standard specifies the test for the determination of the resistance of non metallic materials to flame and glow propagation and to flame penetration. This test method is also used for testing non metallic materials which have to meet the test criteria for the 45° Bunsen burner test.It is used for evaluation of non metallic materials or constructions used in the interiors of aerospace vehicles but may be used in other applications as specified in applicable procurement and regulatory documents. This standard should be used to measure and describe the properties of non metallic materials, products or assemblies in response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions and should not be used to describe or appraise the fire hazard or fire risk of materials, products, or assemblies under actual fire conditions. However, results of this test may be used as elements of a fire risk assessment which takes into account all of the factors which are pertinent to an assessment of the fire hazard of a particular end use.

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49.025.15 (Non-ferrous alloys in general)

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SS-EN 3844-3:2011

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Nov. 3, 2011



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EN 3844-3:2011(IDT)