SS-EN-792-10 Hand-held non-electric power tools - Safety requirements - Part 10: Compression power tools

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The standard EN 792 applies to hand-held non-electric power tools driven by rotary or linear motors, powered by compressed air, hydraulic fluid and intended to be used by one operator and supported by: -- the operator's hand or hands -- a suspension, e.g. a balancer. This part, EN 792-10, applies to hand-held non electric compression power tools with yoke, e.g. for squeeze riveting, punching, shaping, pressing and cutting of metal, plastics or other materials. This part lists the significant hazards caused by such power tools and specifies safety requirements valid for different aspects of safety during their foreseeable lifetime. Power tools, all of them with a yoke, covered by this part of the standard: -- crimping tools, -- collar splitters, -- power tools for metal forming (edge formers, folding tools, swagers), -- nut splitter heads, -- presses, -- punches, -- squeeze riveters, -- cutting power tools with parallel knives. Special requirements and modifications on a hand-held power tool for the purpose of mounting it in a fixture are not covered by this part. NOTE At the date of publication no compression power tools driven by internal combustion engines are known.

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SS-EN 792-10+A1:2008

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Oct. 3, 2008



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EN 792-10:2000+A1:2008(IDT)