SS-EN-ISO-10893-11-AM1 Non-destructive testing of steel tubes - Part 11: Automated ultrasonic testing of the weld seam of welded steel tubes for the detection of longitudinal and/or transverse imperfections - Amendment 1: Change of ultrasonic test frequency; change of acceptance criteria (ISO 10893-11:2011/Amd 1:2020)

SS-EN-ISO-10893-11-AM1 - 2011/A1 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 10893 specifies requirements for the automated ultrasonic shear wave (generated by conventional or phased array technique) testing of the weld seam of submerged arc-welded (SAW) or electric resistance and induction-welded (EW) steel tubes. For SAW tubes, the test covers the detection of imperfections oriented predominantly parallel to or, by agreement, perpendicular to the weld seam or both. For EW tubes, the test covers the detection of imperfections oriented predominantly parallel to the weld seam. In the case of testing on longitudinal imperfections, Lamb wave testing can be applied at the discretion of the manufacturer. For the detection of imperfections at the weld seam of EW tubes, full peripheral ultrasonic testing is possible. This part of ISO 10893 can also be applicable to the testing of circular hollow sections. NOTE For full peripheral ultrasonic testing of seamless and welded (except SAW) tubes, see ISO 10893-10.

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SS-EN ISO 10893-11:2011/A1:2020

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July 13, 2020



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EN ISO 10893-11:2011/A1:2020(IDT); ISO 10893-11:2011/Amd 1:2020(IDT)