SS-EN-ISO-11073-10441 Health informatics - Personal health device communication - Part 10441: Device specialization - Cardiovascular fitness and activity monitor (ISO/IEEE 11073-10441:2015)

SS-EN-ISO-11073-10441 - 2017 EDITION - CURRENT

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Within the context of the ISO/IEEE 11073 family of standards for device communication, this standard establishes a normative definition of the communication between personal cardiovascular fitness and activity monitoring devices and managers (e.g., cell phones, personal computers, personal health appliances, and set top boxes) in a manner that enables plug-and-play interoperability. It leverages appropriate portions of existing standards including ISO/IEEE 11073 terminology and information models. It specifies the use of specific term codes, formats, and behaviors in telehealth environments restricting optionality in base frameworks in favor of interoperability. This standard defines a common core of communication functionality for personal telehealth cardiovascular fitness and activity monitor devices. In this context, cardiovascular fitness and activity monitor devices are being used broadly to cover cardiovascular fitness and activity monitor devices that measure physical actions and the body’s various physiological responses to that activity.

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SS-EN ISO 11073-10441:2017

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Feb. 22, 2017



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 11073-10441:2017(IDT); ISO/IEEE 11073-10441:2015(IDT)