SS-EN-ISO-11114-3 Gas cylinders - Compatibility of cylinder and valve materials with gas contents - Part 3: Autogenous ignition test for non-metallic materials in oxygen atmosphere (ISO 11114-3:2010)

SS-EN-ISO-11114-3 - 2011 EDITION - CURRENT
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This part of ISO 11114 specifies a test method to determine the autogenous ignition temperature of non-metallic materials in pressurized gaseous oxygen. The autogenous ignition temperature is one criterion for ranking materials, and can be used to assist with the choice of materials used in the presence of gaseous oxygen. A comprehensive bibliography of the published material on which this part of ISO 11114 is based is included. It is intended that this part of ISO 11114 be used for the selection of non-metallic materials for gas cylinders and accessories, for example to select the materials in order to meet the requirement for type testing for oxygen compatibility of all cylinder valves for highly oxidizing gases as specified in ISO 10297.

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SS-EN ISO 11114-3:2011

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Jan. 10, 2011



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EN ISO 11114-3:2010(IDT); ISO 11114-3:2010(IDT)