SS-EN-ISO-13406-2 Ergonomic requirements for work with visual displays based on flat panels - Part 2: Ergonomic requirements for flat panel displays (ISO 13406-2:2001)

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This part of ISO 13406 --establishes ergonomic image-quality requirements for the design and evaluation of flat panel displays, --defines terms needed to address image quality on flat panel displays, --specifies methods of determining image quality on flat panel displays, and --establishes ergonomic principles for guiding these requirements. This part of ISO 13406 is applicable to --flat panel display screens when used to perform office tasks, --flat panel display screens that consist of a regular array of picture elements arranged in evenly spaced rows without built-in gaps, --the presentation of fonts based on Latin-, Cyrillic- and Greek-origin alphabetic characters and Arabic numerals on flat panel display screens, --the presentation of Asian characters, and --flat panel display screens that are large enough to display at least 40 Latin-origin characters. This part of ISO 13406 is not applicable to --flat panel technology applied to a display that uses optics to form an image that is not the same size as the electro-optical transducer (projection applications of flat panel displays), or --flat panel technology applied to a display limited to fixed-messages or segmented alphanumerics. [See 2.13 IEC SC 47C (Central Office) 3:1992]. NOTE Some of the measurement methods (e.g. contrast and luminance) in this part of ISO 13406 are not applicable for reflective flat panels. When technology has developed, appropriate measurement methods will be added to this part of ISO 13406. Page 7 EN ISO 13406-2:2001

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SS-EN ISO 13406-2

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April 11, 2003



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EN ISO 13406-2:2001(IDT); ISO 13406-2:2001(IDT)