SS-EN-ISO-13628-4 Petroleum and natural gas industries - Design and operation of subsea production systems - Part 4: Subsea wellhead and tree equipment (ISO 13628-4:2010)

SS-EN-ISO-13628-4 - 2011 EDITION - CURRENT
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 2011 EDITION - Jan. 10, 2011
 2011/AC:2011 EDITION CORRIGENDUM - June 27, 2011

This part of ISO 13628 provides specifications for subsea wellheads, mudline wellheads, drill-through mudline wellheads and both vertical and horizontal subsea trees. It specifies the associated tooling necessary to handle, test and install the equipment. It also specifies the areas of design, material, welding, quality control (including factory acceptance testing), marking, storing and shipping for both individual sub-assemblies (used to build complete subsea tree assemblies) and complete subsea tree assemblies. The user is responsible for ensuring subsea equipment meets any additional requirements of governmental regulations for the country in which it is installed. This is outside the scope of this part of ISO 13628. Where applicable, this part of ISO 13628 can also be used for equipment on satellite, cluster arrangements and multiple well template applications. Equipment that is within the scope of this part of ISO 13628 is listed as follows: a) subsea trees: - tree connectors and tubing hangers, - valves, valve blocks, and valve actuators, - chokes and choke actuators, - bleed, test and isolation valves, - TFL wye spool, - re-entry interface, - tree cap, - tree piping, - tree guide frames, - tree running tools, - tree cap running tools, - tree mounted flowline/umbilical connector, - tubing heads and tubing head connectors, - flowline bases and running/retrieval tools, - tree mounted controls interfaces (instrumentation, sensors, hydraulic tubing/piping and fittings, electrical controls cable and fittings); b) subsea wellheads: - conductor housings, - wellhead housings, - casing hangers, - seal assemblies, - guidebases, - bore protectors and wear bushings, - corrosion caps;

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SS-EN ISO 13628-4:2011

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Jan. 10, 2011



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EN ISO 13628-4:2010(IDT); ISO 13628-4:2010(IDT)