SS-EN-ISO-13680 Petroleum and natural gas industries - Corrosion-resistant alloy seamless tubes for use as casing, tubing and coupling stock - Technical delivery conditions (ISO 13680:2010)

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This International Standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for corrosion-resistant alloy seamless tubulars for casing, tubing and coupling stock for two product specification levels: - PSL-1, which is the basis of this International Standard; - PSL-2, which provides additional requirements for a product that is intended to be both corrosion resistant and cracking resistant for the environments and qualification method specified in ISO 15156-3 and Annex G of this International Standard. At the option of the manufacturer, PSL-2 products can be provided in lieu of PSL-1. NOTE 1 The corrosion-resistant alloys included in this International Standard are special alloys in accordance with ISO 4948-1 and ISO 4948-2. This International Standard is applicable to the following four groups of product: a) group 1, which is composed of stainless alloys with a martensitic or martensitic/ferritic structure; b) group 2, which is composed of stainless alloys with a ferritic-austenitic structure, such as duplex and super-duplex stainless alloy; c) group 3, which is composed of stainless alloys with an austenitic structure (iron base); d) group 4, which is composed of nickel-based alloys with an austenitic structure (nickel base). This International Standard contains no provisions relating to the connection of individual lengths of pipe. NOTE 2 The connection or joining method can influence the corrosion performance of the materials specified in this International Standard. NOTE 3 It is necessary to recognize that not all PSL-1 categories and grades can be made cracking resistant in accordance with ISO 15156-3 and are, therefore, not included in PSL-2.

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SS-EN ISO 13680:2010

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Sept. 30, 2010



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 13680:2010(IDT); ISO 13680:2010(IDT)