SS-EN-ISO-13856-3 Safety of machinery - Pressure-sensitive protective devices - Part 3: General principles for design and testing of pressure-sensitive bumpers, plates, wires and similar devices (ISO 13856-3:2013)

SS-EN-ISO-13856-3 - 2013 EDITION - CURRENT

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This document gives basic requirements for those pressure-sensitive protective devices, with or without an external reset facility, that are not specified in either part 1 and part 2 of this document, the majority of which are produced for specific applications and are not available as off-the-shelf items. It also gives specific requirements for pressure-sensitive bumpers, pressure-sensitive plates and pressure-sensitive wires (trip wires). This document is primarily aimed at safety and reliability rather than suitability. This document is not applicable to specify the dimensions of pressure-sensitive protective devices in relation to any particular application. Specific requirements for particular applications are intended to be set forth in relevant type-C standards. This document does not cover stopping devices used only for the regular operation (including emergency stopping) of machinery. Nor does it apply to use in locations accessible to elderly or disabled persons or children, where special additional requirements can be necessary.

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13.110 (Safety of machinery This group includes standards for general use)

Revised Machinery Directive

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SS-EN ISO 13856-3:2013

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Aug. 9, 2013



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EN ISO 13856-3:2013(IDT); ISO 13856-3:2013(IDT)