SS-EN-ISO-140-5 Acoustics - Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements - Part 5: Field measurements of airborne sound insulation of facade elements and facades (ISO 140-5:1998)

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This part of ISO 140 specifies two series of methods (element methods and global methods) for measurement of the airbourne sound insulation of facade elements and whole facades, respectively. The element methods aim to estimate to sound reduction index of a facade element, for example a window. The most accurate element method uses a loudspeaker as an artificial sound source. Other, less accurate, element methods use available traffic noise.The global methods, on the other hand, aim to estimate the outdoor/indoor sound level difference under actual traffic conditions. The most accurat global methods use the actual traffic as sound source. In adition, a loudspeaker may be used as an artificial sound source. An overview of the methods is given in table 1. Teh element loudspeaker method yields an apparent sound reduction index which, under certain circumstances [e.g.taking account of measurement precision (see 7.1)], can be compared with the sound reduction index measured in laboratories in accordance with ISO 140-3 or ISO 140-10. This method is the preferred method when the aim of the measurement is to evaluate the performance of a specified facade element in relation to its performance in the laboratory. The element road traffic method will serve the same purposes as the element loudspeaker method. It is particulary useful when, for different practical reasons, the element loudspeaker method can not be used. These two mathods will often yield slightly diferent results. The road traffic method tends to result in lower values of the sound reduction index than the loudspeaker metchod. In annex D this road traffis method is supplemented by the corresponding aircraft and railway traffic methods.

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SS-EN ISO 140-5

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Jan. 15, 1999



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EN ISO 140-5:1998(IDT); ISO 140-5:1998(IDT)