SS-EN-ISO-15002 Flow-metering devices for connection to terminal units of medical gas pipeline systems (ISO 15002:2008)


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1.1 This International Standard is applicable to: -- flow-metering devices that are connected, either directly or by means of flexible connecting assemblies, and disconnected by the operator at terminal units of a medical gas pipeline system for flow adjustment, measurement and delivery of medical gases; -- flow-metering devices that are connected and disconnected by the operator at gas-specific connection points of devices such as pressure regulators. 1.2 This International Standard applies to: a) flow-metering devices intended to be used with the following medical gases: -- oxygen; -- nitrous oxide; -- medical air; -- carbon dioxide; -- oxygen/nitrous oxide mixture [50 %/50 % (by volume)]; -- specified mixtures of the gases listed above; b) flow-metering devices intended to be used with the following gases: -- oxygen-enriched air; -- helium; -- xenon. NOTE Regional or national regulations might permit use of oxygen-specific connection points for oxygen-enriched air. 1.3 This International Standard does not apply to electrical or electronic flow-metering devices. 1.4 This International Standard does not apply to gases used for driving surgical tools.

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SS-EN ISO 15002:2008

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July 11, 2008



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 15002:2008(IDT); ISO 15002:2008(IDT)