SS-EN-ISO-15186-3 Acoustics - Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements using sound intensity - Part 3: Laboratory measurements at low frequencies (ISO 15186-3:2002)

SS-EN-ISO-15186-3 - 2010 EDITION - CURRENT

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1.1 GeneralThis part of ISO 15186 specifies a sound intensity method to determine the sound reduction index and the element-normalized level difference of building elements at low frequencies. This method has significantly better reproducibility in a typical test facility than those of ISO 140-3, ISO 140-10 and ISO 15186-1. The results are more independent of the room dimensions of the laboratory and closer to values that would be measured between rooms of volume greater than 300 m3. This part of ISO 15186 is applicable in the frequency range 50 Hz to 160 Hz but is mainly intended for the frequency range 50 Hz to 80 Hz .NOTEFor elements faced with thick, porous absorbers, the recommended frequency range is 50 Hz to 80 Hz.The main differences between the methods of ISO 15186-1 and ISO 15186-3 are that in ISO 15186-3a)the sound pressure level of the source room is measured close to the surface of the test specimen, andb)the surface opposite the test specimen in the receiving room is highly absorbing and converts the room acoustically into a duct with several propagating cross-modes above the lowest cut-on frequency.The results found by the method of ISO 15186-3 can be combined with those of ISO 140-3 and ISO 15186-1 to produce data in the frequency range 50 Hz to 5 000 Hz.1.2 PrecisionThe reproducibility of this intensity method is, for all frequencies, estimated to be equal to or better than that found with the method of ISO 140-3 at 100 Hz.Some comparisons of data obtained with the methods of this part of ISO 15186 and ISO 140-3 are given in annex B.

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91.120.20 (Acoustics in building. Sound insulation Acoustic measurements and noise abatement in general, see 17.140.01 Sound insulating materials, see 91.100.60)

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SS-EN ISO 15186-3:2010

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Sept. 16, 2010



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EN ISO 15186-3:2010(IDT); ISO 15186-3:2002(IDT)