SS-EN-ISO-1530 Fishing nets - Description and designation of knotted netting (ISO 1530:2003)


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This European Standard specifies the principal characteristics of knotted netting for fishing nets, and specifies the items of information to be furnished when ordering the netting. It is intended to facilitate the exchange of information between purchasers and suppliers of knotted netting for fishing nets. NOTE It should be understood that a complete designation of knotted netting and its component yarns will not always form part of a contract. There will be occasions when an order is placed on the basis of a sample or some other basis that does not give a complete indication of the properties of the netting or its component yarns. Nevertheless, it is desirable that the complete range of information should be dealt with in this standard so that a standardized method is available for use on those occasions when it is needed.

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SS-EN ISO 1530

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Publication Date

April 11, 2003



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ISO 1530:2003 IDT* EN ISO 1530:2003 IDT