SS-EN-ISO-15614-4 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials - Welding procedure test - Part 4: Finishing welding of aluminium castings (ISO 15614-4:2005)

SS-EN-ISO-15614-4 - 2005 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 15614 is one of a series of standards, details of which are given in ISO 15607:2003, Annex A. It specifies how a welding procedure specification for finishing welding of aluminium castings is qualified by welding procedure tests. It does not apply to repair welding. For joint welding, ISO 15614-2 applies. Arc welding of aluminium castings is covered by the following processes as defined in ISO 4063: 131 metal inert gas welding, MIG welding; 141 tungsten inert gas arc welding; TIG welding; 15 plasma arc welding. Other fusion welding processes by agreement. Shielding gases used in these processes are: -- argon ISO 14175 I1; -- helium ISO 14175 I2; -- argon-helium mixture ISO 14175 I3. Other shielding gases by agreement.

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SS-EN ISO 15614-4:2005

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July 21, 2005



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