SS-EN-ISO-15616-2 Acceptance tests for CO2-laser beam machines for high quality welding and cutting - Part 2: Measurement of static and dynamic accuracy (ISO 15616-2:2003)


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This Part of this European Standard is applicable to the measurement of: - the precision of the manipulation system; - the positioning accuracy; - the repeatability of positioning; - the trajectory exactness, for the acceptance testing of CO 2 -laser beam machines for high quality welding and cutting in two operation directions (2D) in accordance with EN ISO 15616-1. This standard specifies the testing procedure and equipment. The scope of the examination and the grades of precision shall be stated in the technical specification for the CO 2 -laser beam machine and be in accordance with the application requirements due to the diversity of the requirements to the laser system. The work piece and/or the optics are moved during laser beam processing. The movement of the work piece and/or the optics require a certain precision in the motion system, e.g. moving working table, rotary fixture, moving laser optics, etc. to achieve producible results. This standard establishes a classification system for the motion system related to the required precision for the application being used.

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SS-EN ISO 15616-2

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April 17, 2003



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EN ISO 15616-2:2003 IDT* ISO 15616-2:2003 IDT