SS-EN-ISO-16032 Acoustics - Measurement of sound pressure level from service equipment in buildings - Engineering method (ISO 16032:2004)


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This document specifies methods for measuring the sound pressure level from service equipment in buildings installed to building structures. This document covers specifically measurements of sanitary installations, mechanical ventilation, heating and cooling service equipment, lifts, rubbish chutes, boilers, blowers, pumps and other auxiliary service equipment, and motor driven car park doors, but can also be applied to other equipment attached to or installed in buildings. The methods are suitable for rooms with volumes of approximately 300 m3 or less in e.g. dwellings, hotels, schools, offices and hospitals. The standard is not in general intended for measurements in large auditoria and concert halls. However, the operating conditions and operating cycles in Annex B can be used in such cases. The service equipment sound pressure level is determined as the maximum A- weighted and optionally C- weighted sound pressure level occurring during a specified operation cycle of the service equipment under test, or as the equivalent continuous sound pressure level determined with a specified integration time. A-weighted and C- weighted values are calculated from octave-band measurements.

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SS-EN ISO 16032:2004

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Nov. 5, 2004



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EN ISO 16032:2004(IDT); ISO 16032:2004(IDT)