SS-EN-ISO-16119-3 Agricultural and forestry machinery - Environmental requirements for sprayers - Part 3: Sprayers for bush and tree crops (ISO 16119-3:2013)

SS-EN-ISO-16119-3 - 2013 EDITION - CURRENT

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ISO 16119-3:2013 specifies requirements and the means for their verification for the design and performance of sprayers for bush, tree and similar crops, as defined in 3.1, with regard to minimizing the potential risk of environmental contamination during use, including misuse foreseeable by the manufacturer.It is not applicable to human-mounted sprayers for bushes or trees. It is intended to be used with ISO 16119-1, which gives general requirements common to all the sprayer types covered by ISO 16119. It does not cover safety aspects (see ISO 4254-6). ISO 16119-3:2013 is not applicable to sprayers manufactured before the date of its publication.

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SS-EN ISO 16119-3:2013

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April 23, 2013



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 16119-3:2013(IDT); ISO 16119-3:2013(IDT)