SS-EN-ISO-16122-1 Agricultural and forestry machinery - Inspection of sprayers in use - Part 1: General (ISO 16122-1:2015)

SS-EN-ISO-16122-1 - 2015 EDITION - CURRENT

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This International Standard applies to all types of machinery for pesticide application applicators used in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and other areas. ISO 16122 specifies the requirements and test methods for the inspection of machines in use. It relates mainly to the condition of the machine with respect to its potential risk for the environment and its performance to achieve a good application. This part of ISO 16122 defines the general requirements to be fulfilled. The specific requirements to the different types of machines are defined in the relevant specific parts. The scope of each specific part is defined in Annex A, normative. It also includes minimum safety requirements dealing with the operator’s safety during inspection.

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SS-EN ISO 16122-1:2015

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March 22, 2015



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 16122-1:2015(IDT); ISO 16122-1:2015(IDT)