SS-EN-ISO-16170 In situ test methods for high efficiency filter systems in industrial facilities (ISO 16170:2016)


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This International Standard specifies in situ test methods for high efficiency particulate air filters used to limit releases towards the environment (e.g. from nuclear facilities or facilities with aerosol toxic or biological releases). This applies where installations of these filters are used to clean effluent air before discharge to the environment from industrial (including nuclear) installations where toxic/radioactive/biological materials are handled or processed.This International Standard excludes the application already covered by ISO 14644-3.The scope of this International Standard includes detail of two methods, either of which applies to the periodic testing of high efficiency filters which are used in demanding applications aiming at protecting the environment, such as the nuclear industry.In the case of nuclear applications, this International Standard is applicable to installations covered by ISO 17873 (applications other than nuclear reactors) and ISO 26802 (nuclear reactors).The two reference methods specified in this International Standard are not equivalent, but related to, the requirements to be addressed by the test results. The choice of which of the two methods is adopted in any specific case depends on whether the outcome requires an integrity test or a statutory efficiency accountancy test.

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91.140.30 (Ventilation and air-conditioning systems Including ventilation ducts Ventilators and air-conditioners, see 23.120)

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SS-EN ISO 16170:2016

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Publication Date

Aug. 17, 2016



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 16170:2016(IDT); ISO 16170:2016(IDT)