SS-EN-ISO-16474-1 Paints and varnishes - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 1: General guidance (ISO 16474-1:2013)

SS-EN-ISO-16474-1 - 2013 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 16474 provides information and general guidance relevant to the selection and operation of the methods of exposure described in detail in subsequent parts. It also describes general performance requirements for devices used for exposing paints and varnishes to laboratory light sources. Information about such performance requirements is provided for producers of artificial accelerated weathering or artificial accelerated irradiation devices.This part of ISO 16474 also provides information on the interpretation of data from artificial accelerated weathering or artificial accelerated irradiation exposures.

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Designation Name

SS-EN ISO 16474-1:2013

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Publication Date

Nov. 24, 2013



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 16474-1:2013(IDT); ISO 16474-1:2013(IDT)