SS-EN-ISO-16484-6 Building automation and control systems (BACS) - Part 6: Data communication conformance testing (ISO 16484-6:2014)

SS-EN-ISO-16484-6 - 2014 EDITION - CURRENT
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ISO 16484-6:2014 defines a standard method for verifying that an implementation of the BACnet protocol provides each capability claimed in its Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) in conformance with the BACnet standard.ISO 16484-6:2014 provides a comprehensive set of procedures for verifying the correct implementation of each capability claimed on a BACnet PICS, including support of each claimed BACnet service, either as an initiator, executor, or both, support of each claimed BACnet object-type, including both required properties and each claimed optional property,support of the BACnet network layer protocol,support of each claimed data link option, andsupport of all claimed special functionality

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SS-EN ISO 16484-6:2014

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May 25, 2014



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 16484-6:2014(IDT); ISO 16484-6:2014(IDT)