SS-EN-ISO-16701 Corrosion of metals and alloys - Corrosion in artificial atmosphere - Accelerated corrosion test involving exposure under controlled conditions of humidity cycling and intermittent spraying of a salt solution (ISO 16701:2015)

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This International Standard specifies the test method, the reagents, and the procedure to be used in an accelerated atmospheric corrosion test constituting a 6 h exposure to a slightly acidified solution of 1 % NaCl twice weekly, followed by a condition of controlled humidity cycling between 95 % RH and 50 % RH at a constant temperature of 35 °C.This International Standard does not specify the dimensions of the tests specimens, the exposure period to be used for a particular product, or the interpretation of the results. Such details are provided in the appropriate product specifications.The accelerated laboratory corrosion test applies to— metals and their alloys,— metallic coatings (anodic or cathodic),— chemical conversion coatings, and— organic coatings on metallic materials.NOTE 1 If testing low-alloy stainless steels, especially austenitic grades, according to this International Standard, there is a risk of receiving exaggerated pitting, not representative for most service environments.NOTE 2 This International Standard is not suitable for testing of wax and oil based rust protection agents, due to the constantly elevated temperature condition of the test.

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SS-EN ISO 16701:2015

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June 1, 2015



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 16701:2015(IDT); ISO 16701:2015(IDT)