SS-EN-ISO-17962 Agricultural machinery - Equipment for sowing - Minimization of the environmental effects of fan exhaust from pneumatic systems (ISO 17962:2015)


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 2015 EDITION - Aug. 9, 2015
 FOR 2015 EDITION AMENDMENT 1 SEE - Jan. 24, 2022

This International Standard (Technical Specification) specifies various means of minimizing the effects of fan exhaust from pneumatic systems for vacuum-style seeding (planting) agricultural field equipment used for sowing coated seeds. Application of design principles, use of calculations and testing methods are all acceptable means to minimize this fan exhaust. It is applicable to vacuum-style planting (seeding) systems where "dust off" (fugitive) material from seed coatings can mix with fan (blower) intake air and be exhausted into the atmosphere. This International Standard (Technical Specification) is not applicable to: ? conveyance systems between a central tank and remote meters where the air is exhausted at the remote meters; ? conveyance systems where the meter is at a central tank and the air is exhaust at a ground engaging opening device. This International Standard (Technical Specification) is not applicable to pneumatic planting equipment which was manufactured before the date of its publication. NOTE National or local requirements can apply which could be more stringent. NOTE Examples of systems are shown in Annex D.

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SS-EN ISO 17962:2015

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Aug. 9, 2015



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EN ISO 17962:2015(IDT); ISO 17962:2015(IDT)