SS-EN-ISO-18286 Hot-rolled stainless steel plates - Tolerances on dimensions and shape (ISO 18286:2008)


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This International Standard specifies requirements for tolerances for hot-rolled stainless steel plates (quarto plates) made on a reversing mill with the following characteristics: a) nominal thickness, t, such that 4 mm u t u 250 mm; b) nominal width, w, such that w W 600 mm. Tolerances for plate of width w 600 mm cut or slit from wider plate should be agreed upon between manufacturer and purchaser at the time of enquiry and order. This International Standard is not applicable to round plates, custom-made plates, checker plate or bulb plate for flooring or wide flats, nor to continuous-process plates (plate made with coiling). This International Standard does not include round plates, custom-made plates, checker plate or bulb plate for flooring or wide flats. It does not include continuous process plates (plate made with coiling) because tolerances for these plates are defined in another International Standard (see ISO 9444).

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SS-EN ISO 18286:2010

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Publication Date

June 14, 2010



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 18286:2010(IDT); ISO 18286:2008(IDT)