SS-EN-ISO-1833-17 Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 17: Mixtures of chlorofibres (homopolymers of vinyl chloride) and certain other fibres (method using sulfuric acid) (ISO 1833-17:2006)

SS-EN-ISO-1833-17 - 2010 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 1833 specifies a method, using sulfuric acid, to determine the percentage of chlorofibres, after removal of non-fibrous material, in textiles made of binary mixtures of - chlorofibres based on homopolymers of vinyl chloride (after-chlorinated or not) and- cotton, viscose, cupro, modal, acetate, triacetate, polyamide, polyester, certain acrylic and certain modacrylic fibres. [The modacrylics concerned are those which give a limpid solution when immersed in concentrated sulfuric acid (? = 1,84 g/ml).] This method can be used, particularly in place of the methods described in ISO 1833-12 and ISO 1833-13, in all cases where a preliminary test shows that the chlorofibres do not dissolve completely either in dimethylformamide or in the azeotropic mixture of carbon disulfide and acetone.

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SS-EN ISO 1833-17:2010

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Nov. 1, 2010



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EN ISO 1833-17:2010(IDT); ISO 1833-17:2006(IDT)