SS-EN-ISO-1833-6 Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 6: Mixtures of viscose or certain types of cupro or modal or lyocell and cotton fibres (method using formic acid and zinc chloride) (ISO 1833-6:2007)


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This part of ISO 1833 specifies a method, using a mixture of formic acid and zinc chloride, to determine the percentage of cotton, after removal of non-fibrous matter, in textiles made of binary mixtures of - viscose or some cupro, modal and lyocell fibres, with- cotton. If a cupro or modal or lyocell fibre is found to be present, a preliminary test is carried out to see whether it is soluble in the reagent. The method is not applicable to mixtures in which the cotton has suffered extensive chemical degradation, nor when the viscose, cupro, modal or lyocell fibre is rendered incompletely soluble by the presence of certain permanent finishes or reactive dyes that cannot be removed completely. WARNING — This part of ISO 1833 calls for the use of substances/procedures that may be injurious to the health/environment if appropriate conditions are not observed. It refers only to technical suitability and does not absolve the user from legal obligations relating to health and safety/environment at any stage.

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SS-EN ISO 1833-6:2010

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Nov. 1, 2010



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 1833-6:2010(IDT); ISO 1833-6:2007(IDT)