SS-EN-ISO-20795-1 Dentistry - Base polymers - Part 1: Denture base polymers (ISO 20795-1:2013)

SS-EN-ISO-20795-1 - 2013 EDITION - CURRENT
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ISO 20795-1:2013 classifies denture base polymers and copolymers and specifies their requirements. It also specifies the test methods to be used in determining compliance with these requirements. It further specifies requirements with respect to packaging and marking the products and to the instructions to be supplied for use of these materials. Furthermore, it applies to denture base polymers for which the manufacturer claims that the material has improved impact resistance. It also specifies the respective requirement and the test method to be used. ISO 20795-1:2013 applies to denture base polymers such as those listed below: poly(acrylic acid esters); poly(substituted acrylic acid esters); poly(vinyl esters); polystyrene; rubber modified poly(methacrylic acid esters); polycarbonates; polysulfones; poly(dimethacrylic acid esters); polyacetals (polyoxymethylene); copolymers or mixtures of the polymers listed in 1 to 9.

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SS-EN ISO 20795-1:2013

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March 14, 2013



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EN ISO 20795-1:2013(IDT); ISO 20795-1:2013(IDT)