SS-EN-ISO-2177 Metallic coatings - Measurement of coating thickness - Coulometric method by anodic dissolution (ISO 2177:2003)

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This International Standard describes a coulometric method, by anodic dissolution, for measuring the thickness of metallic coatings. It is only applicable to conductive coatings. Typical combinations of coatings and substrates that can be tested by this method are given in Table 1. Other combinations may be tested with electrolytes in current use (see Annex A), or new electrolytes may be developed for them but, in both cases, it is necessary to verify the suitability of the complete system. This International Standard is also applicable to multi-layer systems, e.g Cu-Ni-Cr (see also 8.5). It may be used to measure the thickness of coatings applied by various means, if due account is taken of special features such as the presence of an alloy layer. In some cases, the presence and thickness of diffusion layers can also be measured. It can also be used to measure the thickness of coatings on cylindrical specimens and wires (see 8.7).

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SS-EN ISO 2177:2004

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June 18, 2004



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EN ISO 2177:2004(IDT)* ISO 2177:2003(IDT)