SS-EN-ISO-22088-1 Plastics - Determination of resistance to environmental stress cracking (ESC) - Part 1: General guidance (ISO 22088-1:2006)

SS-EN-ISO-22088-1 - 2006 EDITION - CURRENT

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1.1 This part of ISO 22088 provides information and general guidance relevant to the selection of the test method to be used to determine environmental stress cracking (ESC). 1.2 Part 2 describes a method in which a test specimen is subjected to a constant tensile load, while immersed in a stress cracking agent at a specified temperature. The time and/or stress at which the specimen breaks is recorded. 1.3 Part 3 describes a method in which strips of plastic are subjected to a fixed flexural strain and exposed to a stress cracking agent for a predetermined period. 1.4 Part 4 describes a method in which a hole of specified diameter is drilled in a specimen and an oversized steel ball or pin is inserted into the hole while the test specimen is brought into contact with a stress cracking agent. 1.5 Part 5 describes a method in which a constant tensile deformation is applied to a specimen which is immersed in a stress cracking agent at a temperature selected for testing. 1.6 Part 6 describes a method in which a slowly increasing strain is applied to a specimen immersed in a stress cracking agent. 1.7 These methods are applicable to thermoplastic materials only. 1.8 These are essentially ranking tests and are not intended to provide data to be used for design or performance prediction.

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SS-EN ISO 22088-1:2006

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Aug. 31, 2006



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