SS-EN-ISO-2234 Packaging - Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads - Stacking tests using a static load (ISO 2234:2000)


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This International Standard specifies three methods for carrying out a stacking test on a complete, filled transport package, or on a unit load, using a static load. Whichever method is employed, the test may be used to assess the performance of a package or a unit load, in terms of its strength or the protection that it offers to its contents when it is subjected to stacking. It may be performed either as a single test to investigate the effects (deformation, creep, collapse or failure) of stacking or as part of a sequence of tests designed to measure the ability of a package or a unit load to withstand a distribution system that includes a stacking hazard. The test may also be used to investigate performance under particular conditions of loading, as, for example, when the bottom package in a stack rests on an open-decked pallet; or when the profile of the superimposed load is eccentric, as when it is supported on the bearers of a single-decked pallet which rests on a container. For such purposes, one of the three methods of carrying out the test may be more suitable than the others. NOTE A method for carrying out a stacking test using a compression tester is given in ISO 12048 1) . 1) ISO 12048, Packaging - Complete, filled transport packages - Compression and stacking tests using a compression tester.

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SS-EN ISO 2234

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Nov. 1, 2002



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EN ISO 2234:2002 IDT* ISO 2234:2000 IDT