SS-EN-ISO-6185-1 Inflatable boats - Part 1: Boats with a maximum motor power rating of 4,5 kW (ISO 6185-1:2001)


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This part of ISO 6185 specifies the minimum safety characteristics required for the design, materials to use, manufacture and testing of inflatable boats (includingrigid inflatable boats) less than 8 m in overall length with a minimum buoyancy of 1 800 N. This part of ISO 6185 is applicable to the following types of inflatable boats intended for use within the operating temperatures of –5 oC to +60 oC: - Type I: Inflatable boats propelled exclusively by manual means; - Type II: Inflatable boats capable of taking a maximum motor power of 4,5 kW; - Type III: Inflatable canoes and kayaks (see normative annex A); - Type IV: Inflatable craft propelled by sail with a maximum sail area of 6 m2 (see normative annex B). NOTE 1 General arrangements of typical boats of Types I, II and III are given in annexes C, D and E, respectively. NOTE 2 For boats with power ratings of 4,5 kW and greater, refer to ISO 6185-2 and ISO 6185-3. This part of ISO 6185 excludes single-chambered boats and is not applicable to aquatic toys and inflatable liferafts.

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SS-EN ISO 6185-1

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May 24, 2002



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