SS-EN-ISO-8130-13 Coating powders - Part 13: Particle size analysis by laser diffraction (ISO 8130-13:2001)

SS-EN-ISO-8130-13 - 2010 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 8130 is one of a series of standards dealing with the sampling and testing of paints, varnishes and related products. It specifies a method for the determination of the equivalent-sphere particle size distribution of coating powders by laser diffraction and is suitable for discriminating between particles of the size range from 1 µm to 300 µm. This method is applicable only for dry powders. NOTE Most instruments will be capable of discriminating between particles of sizes beyond these limits.

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87.040 (Paints and varnishes Including coating powders, paint coatings and protective paint systems)

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SS-EN ISO 8130-13:2010

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Nov. 29, 2010



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 8130-13:2010(IDT); ISO 8130-13:2001(IDT)