SS-EN-ISO-8795 Plastic piping systems for the transport of water intended for human consumption - Migration assessment - Determination of migration values of plastics pipes and fittings and their joints (ISO 8795:2001)


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This standard specifies a method for the determination of the migration of constituents from the internal surface of plastics pipes, fittings and joints. Organoleptic and microbiological assessments are not included. This standard is applicable to all plastics pipes, fittings and joints to be used for the transport of water intended for human consumption and raw water used for the manufacturing of water intended for human consumption. It covers all constituents which are extractable by water from a finished pipe, fitting or joint. It provides for a change in procedure as necessary depending upon the size of the pipe, fitting or joint. NOTE 1 It is assumed that the referring standards or regulations making reference to this standard include the following information (see also the note to clause 4): a) choice of test liquid(s) (see 5.3); b) choice of test temperature(s) (see clause 6). NOTE 2 The pre-treatment procedures, test liquids and test temperatures mentioned in this standard cover the present situation. When new and/or different conditions are formulated (currently under discussion) the standard will be amended accordingly.

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SS-EN ISO 8795

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Publication Date

March 16, 2001



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EN ISO 8795:2001 IDT* ISO 8795:2001 IDT