SS-EN-ISO-9241-143 Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 143: Forms (ISO 9241-143:2012)

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ISO 9241 143 gives guidelines for the design and evaluation of form-based dialogues – in which the user fills-in, selects entries for, or modifies labelled fields on a "form" or a dialogue box presented by the system. Often the system then creates, or updates the database associated with the form. Form-based entries typically are in the form of typed input (abbreviations, or full names) or selections from available option lists. ISO 9241 143 is applicable to form-based dialogues regardless of the modality in which they are rendered (visual, spatial, vocal). However, much of the guidance is based on a model of visual and spatial relationship. In addition, ISO 9241 143 specifies the use of non-text methods for providing forms entries (e.g., list boxes) and pertains to dialogue boxes which utilize form-based dialogue techniques. Guidance is provided on the selection and design of those user interface elements relevant to form-based dialogues. NOTE Some of the requirements and recommendations in ISO 9241 143 are based on Western Language conventions. For other languages, particular requirements or recommendations might need to be modified to fit the readability considerations inherent in these languages. The requirements and recommendations in ISO 9241-143 are applicable throughout the development process (e.g., as guidance for designers during design, as a basis for heuristic evaluation, as guidance for usability testing) and in the procurement process.

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SS-EN ISO 9241-143:2012

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March 9, 2012



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EN ISO 9241-143:2012(IDT); ISO 9241-143:2012(IDT)