SS-EN-ISO-9241-154 Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 154: Interactive voice response (IVR) applications (ISO 9241-154:2013)

SS-EN-ISO-9241-154 - 2013 EDITION - CURRENT

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ISO 9241-154:2013 gives guidance on, and requirements for, the user interface design of interactive voice response (IVR) applications. It covers both IVR systems that employ touchtone input and those using automated speech recognition (ASR) as the input mechanism. It is equally applicable to cases in which the caller or the IVR system itself (e.g. in some telemarketing applications) initiates the call. It is intended to be used together with ISO/IEC 13714.

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35.180 (IT terminal and other peripheral equipment Including modems)

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SS-EN ISO 9241-154:2013

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Feb. 18, 2013



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EN ISO 9241-154:2013(IDT); ISO 9241-154:2013(IDT)