SS-EN-ISO-9241-910 Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 910: Framework for tactile and haptic interaction (ISO 9241-910:2011)

SS-EN-ISO-9241-910 - 2011 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 9241 provides a framework for understanding and communicating various aspects of tactile/haptic interaction. It defines terms, describes structures and models, and gives explanations related to the other parts of the ISO 9241 “900” subseries. It also provides guidance on how various forms of interaction can be applied to a variety of user tasks. It is applicable to all types of interactive systems making use of tactile/haptic devices and interactions. It does not address purely kinaesthetic interactions, such as gestures, although it might be useful for understanding such interactions.

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13.180 (Ergonomics)

35.180 (IT terminal and other peripheral equipment Including modems)

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SS-EN ISO 9241-910:2011

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Publication Date

Aug. 1, 2011



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International Equivalent

EN ISO 9241-910:2011(IDT); ISO 9241-910:2011(IDT)