SS-ISO-10295-1 Fire tests for building elements and components - Fire testing of service installations - Part 1: Penetration seals (ISO 10295-1:2007, IDT)

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This part of ISO10295 specifies the heating condition, method of test and criteria for the evaluation of the abilityof a penetration sealing system to maintain the integrity and insulation of a fire separating element at theposition at which it has been penetrated, for example by a service.This part of ISO10295 assesses a)the effect of such penetrations on the integrity and insulation performance of the element concerned, b)the integrity and insulation performance of the penetration sealing system, c)the insulation performance of the penetrating service or services, and where appropriate, the integrityfailure of a service. This part of ISO10295 does not provide information concerning the influence of the inclusion of suchpenetrations and sealing systems on the load-bearing capacity of the element.It is possible that a penetration seal is a component of, or contributes to the performance of, a system to whichspecial requirements apply. In such cases additional tests, relevant to the system and its function, can benecessary. Examples are chimneys and fire-rated ducts in air distribution systems.This part of ISO10295 is not intended to provide quantitative information on the rate of leakage of smoke and/orhot gases or on the transmission or generation of fumes. Such phenomena are to be noted in describing thegeneral behaviour of specimens during test.This part of ISO10295 does not provide information on the ability of the seal to withstand stresses that can becaused by the movement or displacement of the penetration services in practice.

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SS-ISO 10295-1:2007

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July 6, 2007



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ISO 10295-1:2007(IDT)