SS-ISO-10639 Plastics piping systems for pressure and non-pressure water supply - Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) systems based on unsaturated polyester (UP) resin (ISO 10639:2004, IDT)


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This International Standard specifies the properties of piping system components made from glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) based on unsaturated polyester resin (UP) for water supply with or without pressure, as well as the properties of the system itself. This International Standard is applicable to GRP-UP piping systems, with flexible or rigid joints with or without end thrust load-bearing capability, primarily intended for use in buried installations. NOTE Piping systems conforming to this International Standard can also be used for non-buried applications provided the influence of the environment and the supports are considered in the design of the pipes, fittings and joints. This International Standard is applicable to pipes, fittings and their joints of nominal sizes from DN 50 to DN 4000 which are intended to be used for the conveyance of water at temperatures up to 50 °C, with or without pressure. In a pipework system, pipes and fittings of different nominal pressure and stiffness ratings may be used together. Clause 4 specifies the general aspects of GRP-UP piping systems intended to be used in the field of water supply with or without pressure. Clause 5 specifies the characteristics of pipes made from GRP-UP with or without aggregates and/or fillers. The pipes may have a thermoplastics or thermosetting resin liner. Clause 5 also specifies the test parameters for the test methods referred to in this International Standard. Clause 6 specifies the characteristics of fittings made from GRP-UP, with or without a thermoplastics or thermosetting resin liner, intended to be used in the field of water supply. Clause 6 specifies the dimensional and performance requirements for bends, branches, reducers, saddles and flanged adaptors. Clause 6 is applicable to fittings made using any of the following techniques: a) fabrication from straight pipes; b) moulding by 1) filament winding, 2) tape winding, 3) contact moulding, 4) hot or cold...

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SS-ISO 10639:2004

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March 12, 2004



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ISO 10639:2004(IDT)