SS-ISO-10865-2 Wheelchair containment and occupant retention systems for accessible transport vehicles designed for use by both sitting and standing passengers - Part 2: Systems for forward-facing wheelchair-seated passengers (ISO 10865-2:2015, IDT)

SS-ISO-10865-2 - 2020 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 10865 applies to wheelchair passenger spaces that are intended for use by passengers with a body mass greater than 22 kg who remain in their wheelchairs when travelling facing forward in accessible transport vehicles designed to transport both standing and sitting passengers on fixedroute service. It assumes that the maximum acceleration imparted to the vehicle during emergency driving manoeuvres will not exceed 1 g in any direction and rarely exceeds 3 g in frontal crashes. For the purposes of this part of ISO 10865, the term wheelchair includes manual and powered wheelchairs, and three and four wheeled scooters. This part of ISO 10865 specifies performance requirements and associated test methods, design requirements, requirements for manufacturer instructions and warnings to installers, wheelchair users, and vehicle operators, and requirements for product labelling and disclosure of test information. The provisions of this part of ISO 10865 apply primarily to a complete forward-facing wheelchair passenger space (FF-WPS), but subsets of the provisions can be applied to components and subassemblies sold separately, as appropriate to the specific functions of the components and/or subassemblies they are intended to replace.

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SS-ISO 10865-2:2020

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Sept. 30, 2020



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ISO 10865-2:2015(IDT)