SS-ISO-11372 Gas cylinders - Cylinders for dissolved acetylene - Inspection at time of filling (ISO 11372:2005, IDT)

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This International Standard — specifies minimum requirements that reflect current practice and experience for inspection at time of filling of single cylinders of water capacity up to for the storage and transport of dissolved acetylene gas under pressure; — is not applicable to palletized cylinders, or to manifolded cylinders or manifolded bundles on trailers; — does not cover aspects related to the inspection or testing of the porous material. NOTE In International Standards, weight is equivalent to a force, expressed in newtons. However, in common parlance (as used in terms defined in this International Standard), the word “weight” continues to be used to mean mass, although this practice is deprecated (ISO 31-3).

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23.020.30 (Gas pressure vessels, gas cylinders Steam pressure vessels, see 27.060.30 Steel for pressure purposes, see 77.140.30)

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SS-ISO 11372:2005

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Dec. 16, 2005



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International Equivalent

ISO 11372:2005(IDT)