SS-ISO-12749-6 Nuclear energy, nuclear technologies, and radiological protection — Vocabulary — Part 6: Nuclear medicine (ISO 12749-6:2020, IDT)

SS-ISO-12749-6 - 2020 EDITION - CURRENT

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This document contains the terms, definitions, notes to entry and examples corresponding to the frequently used concepts which apply to diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine. It comprises the minimum essential information for each nuclear medicine concept represented by a single term. It provides the reader with the information required to approach this multidisciplinary speciality, such as medical, radiopharmacy and medical physics point of view. It is intended to facilitate communication and promote common understanding.

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01.040.11 (Health care technology (Vocabularies))

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11.020.20 (Medical science Including regenerative medicine, cell therapy, stratified medicine)

13.280 (Radiation protection Including protection against radio-frequency radiation Radiation measurements, see 17.240)

17.240 (Radiation measurements Including dosimetry Radiation protection, see 13.280)

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SS-ISO 12749-6:2020

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Dec. 1, 2020



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ISO 12749-6:2020(IDT)