SS-ISO-13399-1 Cutting tool data representation and exchange - Part 1: Overview, fundamental principles and general information model (ISO 13399-1:2006, IDT)

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 2007 EDITION - Feb. 26, 2007
 2007 EDITION CORRIGENDUM 1 - Feb. 25, 2008
 2007 EDITION CORRIGENDUM 2 - March 21, 2011

This part of ISO 13399 covers the main categories of cutting tool data and the relationships between them. It provides a general information model of data representation and information exchange for these categories, as well as an overview of the principles of product data exchange used in ISO 13399 as a whole, a description of the other parts of ISO 13399 and a method for transferring cutting tool data. The following is not covered by this part of ISO 13399: - general data transfer and representations other than cutting tool data; - data describing rules, guidelines and expert knowledge used to design and manufacture machined parts and cutting tools; - data describing why a particular design or manufacturing decision was made. Cutting tool data and exchange for specific items (cutting, tool, adaptive and assembly items) and the classification and definition of terms used in the description of cutting tools are defined in the other parts of ISO 13399, respectively, and referenced by them. ISO 13399 establishes a means of communicating industrial data between different computer systems that is independent of any proprietary system.

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SS-ISO 13399-1:2007

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ISO 13399-1:2006(IDT)