SS-ISO-14385-2 Stationary source emissions - Greenhouse gases - Part 2: Ongoing quality control of automated measuring systems (ISO 14385-2:2014, IDT)

SS-ISO-14385-2 - 2016 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 14385 specifies procedures for establishing quality assurance for automated measuring systems (AMS) installed on industrial plants for the determination of the concentration of greenhouse gases in flue and waste gas and other flue gas parameters.This part of ISO 14385 specifies the following:— a procedure to maintain and demonstrate the required quality of the measurement results during the normal operation of an AMS, by checking that the zero and span characteristics are consistent with those determined using the relevant procedure in ISO 14956;— a procedure for the annual surveillance tests (AST) of the AMS in order to evaluate a) that it functions correctly and its performance remains valid and b) that its calibration function and variability remain as previously determined.This part of ISO 14385 is designed to be used after the AMS has been accepted according to the procedures specified in ISO 14956.This part of ISO 14385 is restricted to quality assurance (QA) of the AMS and does not include QA of the data collection and recording system of the plant.

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SS-ISO 14385-2:2016

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April 26, 2016



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ISO 14385-2:2014(IDT)