SS-ISO-14469-2 Road vehicles - Compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling connector - Part 2: 20 MPa (200 bar) connector, size 2 (ISO 14469-2:2007, IDT)

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This part of ISO 14469 applies to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle nozzles and receptacles, constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials for which there is a demand, in particular for large CNG urban buses of refuelling times equivalent to those of urban buses driven by conventional diesel engines. The proposed connector, size 2, offers a larger cross section than the connector in accordance with ISO 14469-1 and, therefore, permits refuelling of the vehicles within significantly shorter time periods. Studies have shown that the proposed connector, size 2, offers more than twice the mass flow of the connectors specified in ISO 14469-1. CNG fuelling connection nozzles consist of the following components, as applicable: -- receptacle and protective cap (mounted on vehicle) (see Clause 7); -- nozzle (see Clause 5). This part of ISO 14469 applies only to devices which have a service pressure of 20 MPa [referred to as C200 receptacle, see 9.2 c)]. This part of ISO 14469 applies to devices with standardized mating components (see 5.8 and 7.7). This part of ISO 14469 applies to connectors that -- prevent natural gas vehicles from being fuelled by dispenser stations with service pressures higher than the vehicle, and -- allow natural gas vehicles to be fuelled by dispenser stations with service pressures equal to or lower than the vehicle fuel system service pressure. This part of ISO 14469 is applicable to compressed natural gas in accordance with ISO 15403. All references to pressures throughout this part of ISO 14469 are considered to be gauge pressures unless otherwise specified. The selection of the appropriate standardized connector is agreed between the vehicle manufacturer and the customer.

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SS-ISO 14469-2:2008

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Feb. 8, 2008



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ISO 14469-2:2007(IDT)