SS-ISO-16587 Mechanical vibration and shock - Performance parameters for condition monitoring of structures (ISO 16587:2004, IDT)


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This International Standard describes the performance parameters for assessing the condition of structures, including types of measurement, factors for setting acceptable performance limits, data acquisition parameters for constructing uniform databases, and internationally accepted measurement guidance (e.g. terminology, transducer calibration, transducer mounting and approved transfer function techniques). The procedures relate to in-service monitoring of structures, and include all components and sub-assemblies necessary to provide the functioning of the structure as a complete entity. The monitoring is intended to be ongoing in nature through the lifecycle of the structure. NOTE 1 Figure 1 is a flowchart showing how this International Standard takes the user from the initial client need for condition monitoring of structures through to the point where the corresponding performance parameters have been chosen. Subsequent standards will deal with how these parameters are measured and processed. This International Standard presupposes that a “high level” need for condition monitoring of structures already exists. NOTE 2 Some useful guidance on identifying this need, by the use of asset identification and reliability/criticality audits, is contained in ISO 17359. The target industries for this International Standard include - construction, - infrastructure, - transportation, - power generation, - oil and gas, and - leisure and entertainment. This International Standard is applicable to stationary structures, such as - buildings, - bridges and tunnels, - towers, masts and antennae, - tanks and silos, - retaining walls and dams, - jetties and other shore-side structures, - offshore platforms, - pressure vessels, and - pipelines. Non-stationary structures (e.g. self-propelled ships) and mobile structures (e.g. offshore jack-up platforms) are excluded from this International Standard.

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SS-ISO 16587:2004

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Oct. 22, 2004



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ISO 16587:2004(IDT)