SS-ISO-17363 Supply chain applications of RFID - Freight containers (ISO 17363:2013, IDT)


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ISO 17363:2013 defines the usage of read/write radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) cargo shipment-specific tags associated with containerized freight for supply chain management purposes ("manifest tags"). ISO 17363:2013 defines the air interface communications, a common set of required data structures, and a commonly organized, through common syntax and semantics, set of optional data requirements. ISO 17363:2013: a) makes recommendations about a second generation supply chain tag intended to monitor the condition and security of the freight resident within a freight container; b) specifies the implementation of sensors for freight resident in a freight container; c) makes specific recommendations about mandatory non-reprogrammable information on the shipment tag; d) makes specific recommendations about optional, re-programmable information on the shipment tag; e) makes specific recommendations about the data link interface for GPS or GLS services; f) specifies the reuse and recyclability of the RF tag; g) specifies the means by which the data in a compliant RF tag is "backed-up" by bar codes and two-dimensional symbols, as well as human-readable information.

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SS-ISO 17363:2013

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March 10, 2013



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ISO 17363:2013(IDT)