SS-ISO-19029 Accessible design - Auditory guiding signals in public facilities (ISO 19029:2016, IDT)


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ISO 19029:2016 specifies the sound characteristics of auditory guiding signals for persons with seeing impairment and blindness to provide the location and direction information of particular public facilities. The public facilities include facilities such as railway stations, airports, ports, bus terminals, government offices, libraries, community centres, parks, schools, hospitals, theatres, large supermarkets, and its toilets, stairs, etc. EXAMPLE As an auditory guiding signal, a chime sound is emitted from the ticket gate of a railway station. Pedestrians, including persons with seeing impairment and blindness, are able to know the location of the ticket gate by detecting the location of the chime sound. NOTE 1 The auditory guiding signals are also helpful for sighted persons. ISO 19029:2016 also specifies the design or usage of the equipment that provides auditory guiding signals. ISO 19029:2016 does not specify the characteristics of the alerts, such as alarm sounds or emergency signals. NOTE 2 The auditory danger signals are covered by ISO 7731. ISO 19029:2016 does not specify the characteristics of auditory guiding signals coming from the personal mobile equipment that is worn by persons with seeing impairment and blindness.

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SS-ISO 19029:2017

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March 9, 2017



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ISO 19029:2016(IDT)