SS-ISO-20189 Acoustics - Screens, furniture and single objects intended for interior use - Rating of sound absorption and sound reduction of elements based on laboratory measurements (ISO 20189:2018, IDT)


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This document specifies how screens, furniture and single objects intended for interior use are assessed with regard to sound absorption and specifies the evaluation of sound attenuation for floor screens. It also specifies under which circumstances various interior products for offices, schools and other public spaces are considered as plane absorbers or as discrete single objects. A product considered as a single object and intended for interior use is measured according to ISO 354 and evaluated by its equivalent sound absorption area or object sound absorption coefficient in octave bands. This document defines interior products and single objects and it comprises additional information regarding measurements and assessment of single objects. The sound absorption as specified in this document can be used to calculate: a) reverberation time characteristics in rooms; b) room acoustic parameters using ray tracing software.

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SS-ISO 20189:2019

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May 6, 2019



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ISO 20189:2018(IDT)