SS-ISO-5349-1 Mechanical vibrations - Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration - Part 1: General guidelines


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This part of ISO 5349 specifies general requirements for measuring and reporting hand-transmitted vibration exposure in three orthogonal axes. It defines a frequency weighting and band-limiting filters to allow uniform comparison of measurements. The values obtained can be used to predict adverse effects of hand-transmitted vibration over the frequency range covered by the octave bands from 8 Hz to 1 000 Hz. This part of ISO 5349 is applicable to periodic and to random or non-periodic vibration. Provisionally, this part of ISO 5349 is also applicable to repeated shock type excitation (impact). NOTE 1 The time dependency for human response to repeated shocks is not fully known. Application of this part of ISO 5349 for such vibration is to be made with caution. This part of ISO 5349 provides guidance for the evaluation of hand-transmitted vibration exposure, specified in terms of a frequency-weighted vibration acceleration and daily exposure time. It does not define limits of safe vibration exposure. NOTE 2 Annex C is concerned with the approximate relative importance of various characteristics of the vibration exposure which are believed to produce health effects.

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SS-ISO 5349-1

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June 29, 2001



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ISO 5349-1:2001 IDT