SS-ISO-8529-2 Reference neutron radiations - Part 2: Calibration fundamentals of radiation protection devices related to the basic quantities characterizing the radiation field (ISO 8529-2:2000, IDT)

SS-ISO-8529-2 - 2010 EDITION - CURRENT

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This part of ISO 8529 takes as its starting point the neutron sources described in ISO 8529-1. It specifies the procedures to be used for realizing the calibration conditions of radiation protection devices in neutron fields produced by these calibration sources, with particular emphasis on the corrections for extraneous effects (e.g., the neutrons scattered from the walls of thecalibration room).In this part of ISO 8529, particular emphasis is placed on calibrations using radionuclide sources (clauses 4 to 6) due to their widespread application, with less details given on the use of accelerator and reactor sources (8.2 and 8.3).This part of ISO 8529 then leads to ISO 8529-3 which gives conversion coefficients and the general rules and procedures for calibration.

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17.240 (Radiation measurements Including dosimetry Radiation protection, see 13.280)

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SS-ISO 8529-2:2010

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April 20, 2010



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ISO 8529-2:2000(IDT)